Fanboy Expo 2017

Fanboy Expo – Day Three – The Best Ending

If you haven’t read my previous posts about this weekend, go check them out first!

Sunday was the last day of the Fanboy Expo and it was probably the least sad I’ve ever been for the end of a convention.

Usually post con depression hits me and my friends pretty hard, but this time it didn’t. None of us really felt sad for the con to be over. For Bryana and Hannah, it was mostly because this was their first con as vendors and they were pretty tired. For everyone else though, I think it was because the con was rather crowded this time around and it didn’t feel very organized at all.

For me, it was different. I didn’t feel sad at all. And by all means, I should have! This past weekend was when I finally got to meet my favorite actor! I should’ve been sad that that part was over! Here’s why I think post con depression didn’t hit me much at all:

At one point on Sunday, I got pretty bored and just sat behind Bryana and Hannah’s booth just staring into space. I kept thinking about two days before when I met Ralph Macchio. I didn’t like the way I left that moment. There was so much I wanted to say to him that I didn’t say. I so badly wanted to thank him for being such an inspiration to me. Eventually, Bryana needed to get up so I asked her if she would come with me to talk to him again.

It took me a while to actually get to talk to him because there were others who were getting autographs and pictures. And they let one person get a picture with him for free while I had to pay $40 for two cell phone pictures on Friday!!! I’m still really upset about that! But I did finally get up to talk to him and I told him all I’ve ever wanted to say to him. I told him that The Karate Kid has been my favorite movie for years, how I watch it whenever I’m sad, happy, anything. I watch it all the time. I told him how much he’s inspired me over the years and how he’s the only actor I have ever wanted to meet.

And then the best thing happened.

He told me how much he appreciated me coming back to tell him those things. He said that he hears people say that to him like online and such, but it meant a lot to him that I came back just to tell him that. “This is a weekend you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”

I know he’s right.


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