Fanboy Expo 2017

Fanboy Expo – Day Two – Con Family & Disappointments

If you haven’t read my first post about this convention, go check it out now! It informs this post!

I absolutely love how conventions can bring people together! It’s just so awesome how two very different people can start a conversation with each other through one common interest! And at conventions, the quietest people become the loudest! It really brings people out of their shells!

Back in February, Bryana, Hannah, and I went to another con and met the sweetest couple ever selling some Walking Dead stuff and a few other things. We got into a long conversation with the woman about all kinds of things and we kept finding ourselves going back to their booth just to talk to them. She was so sweet and gave all three of us bracelets she had made! We even ended up becoming friends with her on Facebook!

And you’ll never guess who we saw at the con today! Of course she was there! We saw her in the crowd and tried to run after her to say hi, but we lost her. So then we split up to go find her and when we did find her, she hugged us and treated us like family! She asked how we were doing, how school was, everything. She just wanted to catch up like family does!

I even got to see some guys that I haven’t seen since graduation two years ago!

Most of today, though, I hung out with Reagan (a friend I’ve had since middle school) and Isaac, a guy I only really met a few weeks ago. I had known this guy, but we were never really friends. Just someone I passed by every now and then. But now, I’d consider us pretty good friends. Because of this convention! It was so fun to get to know someone new and actually become friends! Hopefully I’ll get to hang out with him more. Even though he decided to give me a physics lecture, but I’ll ignore that for now…

And now let’s talk about the disappointments today…

I was very upset with the Fanboy Expo in general earlier today. If you’ve ever been to a con before, you know that Saturday is always the busiest day. It was just so hard for me to really have fun today because of how many people there were. Now, I know that’s not the staff’s fault, but this is just the beginning of why today was one of my least favorite convention days.

In my last post, I mentioned going to see Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and C. Thomas Howell in the Karate Kid and The Outsiders panel. That is what I was really looking forward to today. But when I got to the convention, I found out that they had moved the time for the panel. I had to go around and ask 4 different staff members before I could find out when and where the panel would happen! Four! None of them could answer me!

So then the time for the panel actually came around and the line was soooooo loooong and we got there 10 or 15 minutes early! (Again, not the staff’s fault, but still annoying.) The panel was supposed to start at 5 but they didn’t let us in until 5:15 and they had so few chairs that there was only standing room! And then it gets more annoying… The actors didn’t come out to talk until 5:30! The panel was supposed to start at 5!!

And guess what… It gets even more annoying… The dealer’s room closed at 6! On Saturday!! And I needed to go down there to grab things before they closed! So the one panel I wanted to go to today, I only got to stay for 15 minutes!!IMG_55361

In short: I’m very upset with Fanboy this time around…….

Stay tuned for another post about the next day!IMG_55411


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